12 Photos Of People Before And After Quitting Drugs

Drug addiction can be incredibly harmful to the person who is abusing them. It can be also be painful for the friends and loved ones who are forced to watch the person deteriorate. The 12 people in this story may have allowed themselves to fall into the depths of addiction but they are all better now. These transformations are bound to touch your heart and hit you in the feels.


Recovery doesn’t take place overnight. It is a never ending journey and this is a lesson that the girl in these photos definitely knows all too well.


This man has been clean for five months and the transformation that he has undergone already is absolutely incredible.


Can you believe that the girl on the left and the girl on the right are the same person? The photo on the left is from the arrest for meth and heroin use that changed her life for good.


What a difference ten years can make. It is hard to believe that these are both the same person.


Khali allowed himself to hit rock bottom and he is now making up for lost time. He now owns a company that is responsible for the production of natural juices.


These two photos serve as a reminder to recovering addicts everywhere. Staying in the right is half of the battle.


We all have a miracle inside of us that is just waiting to happen and this girl is providing us with a living example of that.


Getting back to a semblance of normalcy after falling into the depths of addiction. The man in these photos is here to serve as our shining beacon of inspiration.


Jeanette has now been sober for five years and we would like to take this time to wish her continued health and happiness.


It might be scary to consider a life without drugs for most addicts. Don’t let that fear of the unknown keep you from making the transformation that the girl in these photos was able to experience.


This woman is in the midst of an eight month sobriety streak. An addict will never stay clean unless that is what they want for themselves and she wants it this time!


Meth addiction is a nightmare scenario. This woman has been able to make her way through it and come on the other side feeling fine.

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