Dog With Two Broken Legs Staggers Up To Remote Park Ranger Station Looking For Help

When these two park rangers first caught a glimpse of the dog who was lingering outside of their station, they immediately broke down and began to cry as a result. The poor pooch was shaking like a leaf and had two broken legs as well. April’s training as an Arizona State Parks ranger had prepared her for this moment and she was ready to assist this dog in any way that she could.

She decided that it would be her responsibility to nurse the wounded animal back to health. The dog was a Catahoula and Australian cattle dog mix and when the animal appeared at this ranger station, no one knew what to make of the situation. The animal had likely been walking for some time and the Lost Dutchman State Park ranger station that the dog made its initial appearance at is located roughly four miles from the nearest gas station.

The dog’s tail had been tucked away and the animal was literally shaking. Since the pup’s front legs were both broken, the pooch was essentially reduced to hopping around on two back legs and the rangers compared the animal’s walking style to that of a kangaroo. Not only did April cry when she first saw the dog’s condition, but the park manager who was present at the time burst into tears too.

The little dog was one of the sweetest creatures that they had ever met and they could not believe that someone would be heartless enough to discard an innocent animal in such a way. The dog was re-named Ranger (of course) and taken to a local vet to receive treatment for the broken bones. The dog had no identifying microchip and April is currently footing the bill for his care.

She plans to continue helping him throughout his recovery process and will be keeping him for good. While no one seems to know how poor Ranger ended up in this park in the first place and it will take several months for him to be fully healed, one thing is for sure: you simply never know when your salvation could be right around the corner.

Thankfully, we have wonderful people like April in this world who are happy to step up where others have failed and provide this animal with a much needed and well deserved home to call his own. If you would like to learn more about the story of Ranger, then be sure to check out the following video!

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