Dog Struggles To Survive In The Desert For Months For A Heartbreaking Reason

When we think of loyalty in animals, dogs are the first creatures that come to mind. This is why human beings and dogs have become inextricably bound throughout their collective histories. The story of Hachika the dog is one of the most heartbreaking examples of dog loyalty that we have ever seen. She was discovered in the desert and had apparently been residing there for months.

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Even though the temperatures in this area regularly rose above 100 degrees, the dog steadfastly refused to find shelter. Living in a desert like this one is typically a death sentence for most animals, but Hachika did not view it this way. When she was finally found, her rescuers could not shake the feeling that she was waiting for something….or someone.

No Kill Kern’s rescuers are the ones responsible for finding her. Hachika was found on a 102 degree day and according to reports, she had been residing in this desert for at least three months. The poor dog had been suffering in an awful way and unless she received help right away, she was going to pass away in these blistering conditions.

Since the desert is massive, it took the rescue workers a great deal of time to find her. Eventually, they found the dog’s tracks and they were used to locate her. Once she was found, they came to a very sad realization. One of her friends had passed away and since the dog’s remains were still in the same location, she could not possibly bring herself to leave them behind.

The rescue team moved the remains to a new location to get Hachika to come to them and while she was reluctant to come along with them at first, they were eventually able to give her an examination. This is one of the most incredible rescue stories that we have ever seen and we would rather not spoil all of the dramatic twists and turns that take place.

If you would like to find out more about how this amazing story turned out, then we urge you to take the time to check out the clip below. This is one of the most loyal dogs that we have ever seen and those who wish to learn about her special journey should definitely pass this video along to the animal lovers in their lives as soon as they have finished drying their eyes.

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