Grieving Husband Cleans Out Wife’s Closet, Finds Old Driver’s License That Changes Everything

When you marry someone, you think you know them inside and out; you pinned down  their quirks and oddities, good and bad habits, moods, strengths, and weaknesses. You don’t have the weird vibe that something’s going on with them or they’re hiding something. You’re in love. Why would they keep anything from you anyway? They love you and love is built on honesty and trust, right?

All is perfect after the wedding. You’re two of the most annoying lovebirds your friends know. Somehow you don’t see anything abnormal in your world. It’s roses and Rosé. Life is great until it’s not.

Lori and Blake Ruff were married in 2004. They were living the American dream, even having a daughter four years later.

Lori had a secret; she never shared much about her family or her past. She told her in-laws her parents were deceased and she had no living relatives.

Lori never allowed her in-laws to see their grandchild. This caused a strain on blake and Lori’s marriage. They tried marriage counseling. In 2010, they divorced. Lori became increasingly unstable.

She started sending threatening messages to blake and her in-laws. She still wouldn’t let any of them see the little girl she’d had with Blake. Is anyone else wondering who has custody of this child if the mother is supposedly unstable?

I wish this story had a better ending. Sadly, it doesn’t. On Christmas Eve of 2010, Lori was found dead in her home of an apparent suicide.

Blake went through all of his ex-wife’s papers and files. He couldn’t believe what a Pandora’s box he’d opened.

There was a lunch box with ID cards with many different names. He found a birth certificate that contained another name that was unfamiliar to him. Blake even found two suicide notes.

The most shocking revelation of all? Lori Ruff was Kimberly McLean. McLean had been a missing teenager since 1986. It took the police some time to locate her parents. But once they were found, Kimberley’s parents confirmed her true identity.

Why did Kimberley disappear in the first place? According to her parents, she didn’t get along with her stepfather. She left home and started impersonating other people. Kimberley eventually changed her name to Lori Erica Kennedy and moved to Dallas. There, she met and married Blake Ruff.

What a story! I mean this reads like a soap opera with its secret identities and mystery. Seriously though. You think you know someone and suddenly life throws you a nasty curveball that decks you a nasty hit.

The only good thing to come from this messed up situation for Blake and his family was the daughter he had with Lori.

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