Impressive Sculpture Makes People’s Jaws Hit The Floor When They Get A Closer Look

Stories like this one take us back to our childhood and the days that we spent creating paper airplanes and origami swans. The first time we managed to finish off our first creation, we found ourselves feeling like true artists. Creating intricate works of art out of mere pieces of paper might seem above and beyond our capabilities, but for Calvin Nicholls? It is a way of life.

He’s been creating some of the most jaw dropping works of art that we have ever had the privilege of witnessing and thanks to him, the paper art medium has been elevated to heights that few could ever imagine. Can you believe that this photograph isn’t a sleeping bear who was found in the wild? This three dimensional sculpture was made strictly from paper!

The paper that Calvin uses for these sculptures isn’t just for drawing purposes, the paper is shaped and molded. Calvin is able to shape simple pieces of paper into some of the most incredibly beautiful work that you are ever going to feast your eyes on. These works are delicate and the meticulous craftsmanship that goes into them is a sight to behold.

The series that you are currently taking a gander at is known as the “Paper Zoo” and in order to create these masterworks, Calvin spends a great deal of time around the animals that inspire him. This allows him to study their movements and while he could easily create these pieces with just the use of his imagination, he believes that spending time around the actual animals enhances the work.

His process is very painstaking, as he will create a series of sketches and then cut up the paper that is used for each piece into several thousand smaller pieces. These pieces of paper are then used to create the finished product and Calvin glues all of them together himself. This technique may take an eternity, but there is no arguing with the results.

The amount of effort and detail that goes into these sculptures is unbelievable. Even the smallest pieces take several weeks to be completed. His works have been featured in a number of different art shows and galleries around the world, as well as National Geographic. Please be sure to take a moment to pass along these amazing paper artworks with your closest friends and loved ones.


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