Man Spots Some Special Visitors On His Porch And Immediately Grabs His Camera

Alaska may be a part of the United States, but it often feels like a far off land. Their wild climate may seem harmless enough initially but the moderate temperatures of summer soon give way to some of the harshest winters known to man. With its snowy mountains, forests and lakes, Alaska is home to a wide range of different animals and these picturesque landscapes lend themselves well to the world of photography.

Experienced photographers love the opportunities that the Alaskan landscape provides and Tim Newton is no different. Tim’s camera goes everywhere with him and the best photographers can tell you that you simply never know when a wonderful photo op might present itself. He received the chance to take some once in a lifetime pictures recently and he did not allow the chance to slip through his fingers.

Best of all, this opportunity presented itself in the most convenient manner possible. Tim did not even have to leave his home to snap these photos and present them to the rest of the world. He was fast asleep recently and was awoken by the sound of an animal running across his desk. Once he saw the cause of the noise, he went to grab his camera immediately.

When he first opened the window and took a closer look at the animal that had decided to visit him, he initially thought that it was an ordinary house cat. A closer inspection proved just how wrong this initial suspicion was. He noticed that the cat had very large feet and once the gears began to turn inside of his brain, he realized that he was actually looking at a lynx kitten.

He was not being visited by a normal house cat and he knew that he needed to take photos of this special occasion. To make matters even more adorable, he would soon discover that three lynx cats had decided to congregate on his porch. In most instances, these cats are hard to catch a glimpse of and they will normally run away before anyone has a chance to snap photos.

These playful kitties were more than happy to put on a show for Tim and he was sure to snap lots and lots of pictures. Once the kittens left, Tim discovered that their mother had been lounging in the shrubs and keeping a watchful eye on the situation. The most amazing thing happened from there: an entire litter of lynx kittens emerged! While the moment did not last long, Tim snapped over 200 photos and we urge to share this awesome story with your friends and loved ones.

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