Police Warn, If You See A ‘Child’ Sitting In The Road While Driving, Keep Your Doors Locked

There are two different types of people who exist in the world. There are those who know that anything worth having is worth working for. Meanwhile, there are those who have zero qualms about taking what they want from others. Breaking rules is to be expected from time to time. It is important that there is a major difference between a little bit of rule bending and harmful criminal behavior, though.

Police have become aware of a new scam that targets the working man. Scammers truly have no scruples and this latest scam involves the usage of children. Criminals like to create situations where people’s vulnerabilities are exposed. Few things cause a person to lose track of their cautiousness faster than a child in need. This is exactly what the scammers bank on (literally).

The incident that has led to the latest police warnings took place in North Carolina. A woman was driving home from work when she saw an object in the road that resembled a small child. Like most of us, she became concerned. No sane human being wants to run a child over and the average person will also find themselves concerned about the whereabouts of the child’s parents.

The “child” turned out to be anything but. It was a dummy that had been dressed up to look like a child. She stayed in the car once she realized what was taking place. This was a smart choice. Within a few moments, a group of criminals dressed in hoodies approached her vehicle. They were unable to get into the car because the doors were locked. From there, the woman contacted the authorities once she was at a safe distance.

As a result of this incident, police are advising all drivers to continue moving when they come across these types of dummies in the road. The perpetrators of the prank were eventually found and they were all 17 and under. Some might chalk this one up to kids being kids and while this may be the easiest thing to do, it is not advisable.

We need to remain vigilant at all times when we are on the road and there is never any reason to keep the doors unlocked. Be sure to stay ready for instances like these so that we do not have to get ready at a later date. We would also like to take this time to urge readers to pass this story along. There are many who may not be aware of this potential scam.

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