Video Of A Man Pushing A Woman One Mile Home After Wheelchair Breaks Down Is Going Viral

On a 90 degree day in Smyrna, Georgia Bilal Quintyne was out for his morning run with a friend when he noticed a woman sitting along the side of the road.  But what he does next has all his friends and relative grinning from ear to ear.

There was an elderly woman in an electric wheelchair just sitting on the side of the road. Apparently, her chair battery had died on her way to the grocery store.  Now she was stranded and had no way to get home.  She yelled accross the street and asked if he could call her husband.  Bilal recognized this as an opportunity to be kind to his fellow human being and serve his God.

“She asked if I could call for help and I said, ‘I’m in good shape. Where is your house? I’ll take you myself,’” said Bilal

The walk back up the hill wasn’t going to be easy in the scorching sun and heat.  But Bilal pushed the disabled woman up the steep hill.  He explained to his friend holding the camera that he felt compelled to help her he was able-bodied and needed to help her.  It doesn’t matter what the circumstances when God calls you to help you are suppose to help.  No questions asked. Period.  When he puts situations in front of you, the answer should always be OK!  Period.

When he finally got the woman all the way back to her house not only did he help her get back inside he took it one step further,  The woman broke down in tears when he then offered to go food shopping for her, but she wouldn’t allow it.  She told him through tears that so many people drove by without stopping to help and she was so grateful to him.

Bilal never once considered passing by the stranded woman or even just calling her husband to come get her.  A mile or not he wasn’t about to leave her there.

“God’s Plan. God’s Work. Her battery gave out and she didn’t know how she was getting home. God blessed me with an able body. So WE pulled her home. A mile or not I wouldn’t go home until she was home. Period.”

Bilal’s good deed video was shared and viewed by millions, everyone that sees it feels encouraged to help their neighbors and take care of one another.

Way to go!  The world is a better place because you are in it Bilal!

The video below show the entire rescue, be sure to share this with your friends to remind them to be kind and help someone out when they need it.

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